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Disclaimer: We do NOT make any medical or health claims, advise or guarantees at all whatsoever. The facts presented here are in good faith and based on decades of research, real people’s experiences and testimonials. The information how Kangen Water® potentially might be beneficial for you could be useful for you to know.

Water And Health

For almost 50 years, Kangen Water® has been used globally to help restore the body to its original, alkaline state. These machines can transform your ordinary tap water into healthy, fresh tasting alkaline ionized drinking water. Kangen Water® is far superior to tap and bottled water, see the water page.

We all have cancer cells inside us – just whether the cancer breaks out or stay inactive is the question. Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Therefore research suggests that if a human body is kept in an alkaline state, the risk of cancer is potentially significantly reduced.

The Human Body Mainly Consists Of Water

Our bodies consist largely of water, the percentage varies between different parts. The brain for example is 75% water – that is why it is so important to drink healthy and not contaminated water.

What Makes Kangen Water® Different?

Alkaline ionized water is a strong source of anti-oxidants since it contains an abundance of free electrons which can be donated to the body in order to neutralize free radicals, which otherwise due to oxidation could potentially damage healthy tissue. A water ionizer breaks the water down from larger clusters of water molecules to smaller ones. By doing this, the smaller clusters are more able to pass through cell membranes and enter the cells and carry more oxygen. We can stay hydrated throughout the day without feeling “bloated” from drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. Kangen Water® could potentially hydrate your body up to 5 times more than tap or mineral water.

Dehydration is one of the main factors of aging, wrinkles and headaches. The enhanced hydration property of Kangen ionized water has been found to restore body moisture, improve various skin conditions and reduce headaches.

Drinking alkaline water daily can help neutralize the acidity that builds up in the body and wash acid waste products from cells and tissues, which otherwise potentially could be the cause of various diseases.

What Doctors Say About Kangen Water®

What Doctors Say About Kangen Water

12 Potential Benefits Of Kangen Water®

How Does It Work?

Water that is hydrogen-rich has a high concentration of molecular hydrogen (H2). Molecular hydrogen is an efficient antioxidant that diffuses rapidly across cell membranes and can reduce free radicals, suppressing oxidative stress. Through the process of electrolysis, your tap water becomes hydrogen-rich ionized Kangen Water®.

As with most things in life, optimal health begins with balance. Our bodies must maintain a pH balance of 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. A pH scale is used to determine whether a substance is acidic or alkaline. On this scale 7.0 is neutral. Anything above 7 is considered alkaline and anything below 7 is considered acidic.

Oxidation reactions in the body can produce free radicals, while antioxidants terminate these reactions. Elevated rates of oxidants and insufficient antioxidants in the body cause oxidative stress. A constant supply of external sources of antioxidants should be part of one‘s daily diet, to reduce oxidative stress and related tissue damage. This is why everyone should not only care about the quantity of the water we drink, but also about the quality. Both are essential for our well-being. The following diseases are often associated with excessive free radicals. Kangen Water® helps to reduce and neutralize free radicals.

Hydrogen-rich water is characterised by exhibiting a negative ORP. A high ORP value (in positive numbers), indicates that a substance has a higher oxidising potential like for example mineral/bottled water. In generalised terms, for humans a positive or high ORP is better for the outside of the body (cleaning and sanitising). A low ORP value (in negative numbers) indicates that a substance has a higher antioxidising potential, and is preferred for oral consumption. Just like pH, ORP values are an important measurement for determining the quality of water. Kangen water has a negative ORP, which means it is anti-oxidizing.

So isn’t it high time you start using and drinking Kangen Water® now? Get in touch with us to start.

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