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Why Not Become An Authorized Distributor?

If you are convinced about the many benefits of Kangen Water® for health and beauty, why not add one more aspect to it: Wealth through an additional income stream. Enquire about what it could mean for you and your family’s future to become an Authorized Distributor today. Just submit the contact form (no obligations, no payment required) and we will contact you to explain everything you need to know.

Imagine a fluid, flexible and incredibly engaging 24/7 global business that allows you to spread the message of True Health to anyone, at any time and in any location. Kangen is a strong, global brand with a great unique value proposition and the water systems are in high demand by consumers.

Commissions are generous (and there are additional bonus and incentives, too), paid out on a weekly basis and can be generated for both direct and indirect (i.e. passive income) sales. Enagic, the Kangen manufacturer, has a patented, unique 8 points system that allows even new distributors to earn a good income already, which further increases as your rank advances. Get in touch for the full details.

As an Authorized Distributor you are not bound by a specific territory and can even harness the power of technology and the Internet to build a local, regional or even global business. This could potentially give you a good additional stream of income (no guarantees, it will of course depend on your own results). There is no minimum commitment, no stock to keep and you are very flexible – how much better can it get?

We will support you with training, how to do marketing and our system does the work (for example order fulfilment etc.) for you behind the scenes so you’re free to concentrate on spreading the message of True Health and build your wealth along the way. This includes enabling you to do Digital Marketing to broaden your reach and harness the power of the Internet. Even if you are new to FB, Google marketing or funnels, our easy to use ‘copy and paste’ (and adapt with your details) system empowers you to do that – at no extra charges at all. Get in touch today to find out more.

There are no minimum requirements and you do not even need to set up a company or hire employees to become a distributor. And the best part (other than the income potential) is that the obstacles that stop many people from starting a business have already been removed for you and are being taken care of by the backend (like customer service, carry the inventory or systems) and are largely done for you. Sounds good? Get in touch now to find out more.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple. Just get in touch to book your personal Zoom call and monitor your email. During the Zoom chat we will explain the details and compensation structure to you and you can determine whether this business is suitable for you and how lucrative it potentially can be.

If Yes, you can join as an Authorized Kangen Water® Distributor (If No, it was sure worth trying). Most of the challenges that stop people from starting a business have already been removed and are being taken care of for you from the backend.

You will then be mentored so that you can be successful. You will receive valuable assets that might include (but are not limited to) tested and proven funnels, Digital Marketing training, scripts, ad copy, websites and more.

Start earning, Start Scaling And Over Time Turn The Income Into Passive Income. More During The Call. No Experience Required. So Stop Stopping Yourself And Book Your Zoom Chat Now.

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