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Disclaimer: We do NOT make any medical or health claims, advise or guarantees at all whatsoever. The facts presented here are in good faith and based on decades of research, real people’s experiences and testimonials. The information how Kangen Water® potentially might be beneficial for you could be useful for you to know.

Why Kangen Water® Is Beneficial For Businesses

Kangen Water® is not only beneficial for individuals and families, but has it’s place also in many businesses such as for example:

  • Doctors / Clinics for their patients and staff
  • Offices for their customers/clients and staff
  • Gyms for better hydration of their exercising customers
  • Restaurants / F&B for their diners and staff (as shown in below example)


  • Clean food with 11.5pH water to remove dirt, pesticides etc.
  • Cook with 9.5PH water, which firstly brings out the freshness and nutrients of the food and secondly simply makes your food taste better. Try it to believe it yourself!
  • Potentially you might even need less spices/seasoning to make your food taste great

This hotel restaurant in a hotel in Bali went all the way to become an Alkaline Restaurant:



Why not instead of serving your customers and staff potentially acid, oxidizing water (even most bottled waters are, see our Water page) that might hurt their health (see our Health page), treat them to alkaline ionized water that is is a strong source of anti-oxidants instead? Not only is the healthier choice, but also tastes better. Also your tea and coffee made with alkaline water will taste better, too.


If your business is a restaurant, you can even brand our own water, like for example L’Opera in California has done and customers pay for it, earning you additional revenue.

See What Some Upscale Restaurant Owners Have To Say About Kangen Water®


You can use 2.5pH water for cleaning and disinfecting tables, chairs, door-knobs etc. This is an all natural solution and you won’t need any chemicals or other artificial cleansers (and save money on buying them).

Additional Income

If you are convinced about the benefits of you can earn an extra income (i.e. commission) simply by recommending it to other business owners you know or friends, or if you staff, customers and even yourself for own use at home get it as well. Find out more at our Distributers page.

Depending on the size of your business you have a variety of models to choose from, e.g. the Leveluk SD501, see our Products page. So isn’t it time you treat your customers and staff to Kangen Water® now? Get in touch with us to start.

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